HIP Build History

Version 4.00.4 18 June 2010

Fixed Volume and Mute for Vista and Windows 7 32 and 64 bit systems

Version 4.00.3 28 May 2010

Now supports Vista and Windows 7 32 and 64 bit systems

Version 3.02.14 6 December 2009

Fixed problems with USB/UIRT waking from sleep
Fixed repeat settings on MCE Remote

Version 3.02.12 21 October 2008

Added the ability to send any characters via its unicode value using the syntax  {#0000} where 000 is the decimal unicode value.  For example {#0123} will send a { key.
Stopped unloading/loading the interface to WinLIRC

Version 3.02.08 21 December 2007

Added Play Sound button in Action Editor
Added ability to include multiple POST/PLAY/EXEC/XCOM commands on the same line as other commands

Version 3.02.06 30 October 2007

Fixed handling of unsigned integers when entering messaging values greater than 7FFF FFFF

Version 3.02.04 28 June 2007

Fixed keyboard emulation problems
Updated ZoomPlayer Command Set

Version 3.02.00 1 May 2007

NEW - Added support for Hip to generate the following keys:
{BROWSER_BACK} Browser Back key
{BROWSER_FORWARD} Browser Forward key
{BROWSER_REFRESH} Browser Refresh key
{BROWSER_STOP} Browser Stop key
{BROWSER_SEARCH} Browser Search key
{BROWSER_FAVORITES} Browser Favorites key
{BROWSER_HOME} Browser Start and Home key
{VOLUME_MUTE} Volume Mute key
{VOLUME_DOWN} Volume Down key
{VOLUME_UP} Volume Up key
{MEDIA_NEXT_TRACK} Next Track key
{MEDIA_PREV_TRACK} Previous Track key
{MEDIA_STOP} Stop Media key
{MEDIA_PLAY_PAUSE} Play/Pause Media key
{LAUNCH_MAIL} Start Mail key
{LAUNCH_MEDIA_SELECT} Select Media key
{LAUNCH_APP1} Start Application 1 key
{LAUNCH_APP2} Start Application 2 key

UPDATED - X10/ATI Plugin with new commands
UDDATED - WinLIRC plugin to remove error.

Version 3.01.11 21 Aug 2006
NEW - WinLIRC Plugin
UPDATED - USBUIRT Plugin (now supports HipSend, Pronto file importing and blaster selection)
UPDATED - IRTrans Plugin
FIXED - Display of User-Defined IR Commands in Web Host"
FIXED - Saving of Wizard Values
CHANGED - Increased the length of command strings
REMOVED - Support for the KWorld card has be removed with this release as the manufacturer will not support Hip

Version 3.01.3 28 Mar 2006
FIXED - Shutdown/Logoff/Reboot/Hip Close options when called from master controller especially when used with Hip Close event.
FIXED - Held and Repeat values with MCE Remote Plugin

Version 3.01.2 3 Mar 2006
FIXED - Automatic Updates not locating newer versions
FIXED - Fixed the Sleep function on some systems
NEW - New "When Hip Stops" schedule event

Version 3.0.011  6 Feb 2006
FIXED - removal of 'Error building Application List'
FIXED - Close of Tray Icon Popup when clicked elsewhere

Version 3.0.010  2 Feb 2006
FIXED - Displaying of GDI Windows
FIXED - System Sleep Command (previously hibernating)
FIXED - Location of Tray Icon popup window
FIXED - Editing of Polling Value
IMPROVED - New definition file for Windows Media Player using POST commands to allow for control when in full screen mode
Note: The Window Class Name WMPlayerApp should be added to the Application properties information for the WMPlayer entry)

Version  11 Jan 2006
FIXED - Problems with different Input and Output DLLs
FIXED - Duplicate values is when ToggleBit command enabled (such as the MCE Remote)

Version  10 Jan 2006
FIXED - Web Server not using OUT Commands if output device different from Input Device
FIXED - Web Server not reading MCE IR Send Commands correctly
FIXED - Saving of HIP Config Files
CHANGED - USBUIRT plugin now has a delay slider (to avoid double key presses)
CHANGED - USBUIRT plugin has a new ToggleBit command to allow for remotes that send ToggleBits (such as the MCE Remote)

Version  5 Jan 2006
NEW - Internal Text representations of keyboard an IR keys for easier mapping
NEW - Girder Plugin Support for Input Devices
IMPROVED - Version tracking and Regional Conversion
NEW - Added Support for the Windows Application Key {APPS}
NEW - Added Support for named window destinations of PostMessage Commands
UPDATED - Sage Definition Files to take advantage of above feature
NEW - Toggle Keys on System-Wide Keys (added specifically for Toggle Code IR Codes)
NEW - Application State option allows you to select the initial state of an application
NEW - Setup Wizard
IMPROVED - Screen dump handling for Hip Web Server (the image is re-drawn every time it is requested, and AFTER a command has been sent)
NEW - Direct Internet-based Help tools (to check Hip file versions, go to the Download website or the discussion forum)
FIXED - Next Window Option in System-Wide Keys
FIXED - Selection of GDI+ Windows
NEW - Delay option for Hip Web Server Screenshots
NEW - Scrolling text for Hip Controller displaying available programs

Note for existing users:
Changes to the key mapping structures may result in some commands having to be re-learnt.
Due to changes in the Hip Configuration file format, you cannot go back to v1/2 after a configuration file has been opened in v3 (although the file is renamed with the .v1 extension)
All Plugins MUST be updated to their latest build to work with this version.

Version  21/10/2005
Fixed Keyboard Sending bug introduced in version

Version  17/10/2005
Added detection for GDI+ Windows

Version  13/10/2005
Support for IR Trans added
Capture of Low-Level keyboard commands
New Post Message command for the sending of Windows messaging instructions without focussing a window
Fixed problems with window selection when Window Class used

Version 2/09/2005
Fixed duplicate execution of resume event

Version 1/09/2005
Fixed execution of programs from Scheduler

Version 25/06/2005
Added Support for the ComController application

Version 8/06/2005
Added Window Class search tool

Version 7/06/2005
New MCE Remote Build (release 18) with

Note: The IR Driver has been updated with this release.  See the section "Tutorial - Setting up and Using the MCE Remote" in the Help file to install the new driver

Version 27/05/2005
Added 30,60,120,240 Minute Buttons for quick time entry in Scheduler

Version 27/05/2005
Added support for Meedio (uses default key configuration)
Updated MCE DLL (release 17)

Version 14/05/2005
Fixed Problem with Enhanced Controller event selection choices not being saved.

Version 9/05/2005
Added direct access to the Hip On-Screen Keyboard. As a work around for the loss of the SMS-style keyboard in MCE, I have added the ability to call the Hip SMS keyboard up directly from a defined key (either as a system-wide key, or as an application event). To use the Hip SMS keyboard you should have the numeric keys, Enter, Backspace, and Up or Down defined as system wide keys for your remote.

Add Suspend/Resume support with associated Timer Events To avoid problems with drivers after a resume from standby state, Hip now frees the drivers before suspending and opens them again upon resume. There are also 2 new Hip Scheduled Timer events (On Suspend/On Resume) that can perform additional user-defined tasks when these events occur.

Updated MCE DLL (release 16)

Version 11/03/2005
Added MCE IR Support

Version 18/12/2004
Added Automation Controller (COM) Support

Version 3/12/2004
Added Window Key Support
Added MCE definitions
Added DNTV Live! Support
Added Key Search
Added Close Defined Application macro
Fixed Multi-Window keyboard support

Version 19/11/2004
Fixed Multi-Window Keyboard support
Added DNTV Live Support (Alpha)
Added HID Support
Added Key Acceleration for IRMan, Tira
Added Profiles
Fixed Overlap of OSD

Version 29/10/2004
Added Hip Web Server

Version 14/10/2004
Added Application Window Class Name option
Added Scheduler
Added Right Click for Icon