Support for HIP and related products may be found at the Software/Hip Section of the DVB Owners Discussion Forum

Compro DVB-T300 Hip Interface

"Universal" Compro Remote Interface

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Compro2HIP is an application to enable the remote that comes with the Compro DVB-T300 to work with any other, non Compro, applications. The remote will still power up the system when any of the ’three magic buttons’ are pressed.

If you run ComproDTV it will receive the remote button presses until it is shut down, then Compro2HIP will receive them again. Please see the Readme file for more details.
Requires the Generic Interface of HIP.

Contributed by Mark van der Eynden

(22 Jul 2005)
Download File (180K)

1563 Downloads in 2012


Simulate Mouse Movement with HIP

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Hipmouse is a utility that can simulate mouse move and keystrokes based on received windows message with two unique features:
(1) Mouse automatic motion. Mouse automatic move starts when "double-click" is detected on any of four mouse directional keys and stops on any key press.
(2) Key operations switching between mouse and keyboard mode. The same buttons can do mouse move and simulate keystrokes (although fully programmable, the same keys are usually assigned to mouse move right/left/up/down in mouse mode and arrow keys right/left/up/down in keyboard mode)
The other advantages:
- keystrokes fully programmable
- mouse speed fully programmable
- small
- fast
- no installation/uninstallation necessary

Contributed by Jan Prochazka

(17 Dec 2007)
Download File (39K)

Build History
Build 1.1 (17 Dec 2007) 39K

1156 Downloads in 2012

HipSend Utility (Console)

Command-Line Utility to Send HIP Commands

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Hip Send is a small command-line utility which generates pseudo IR commands for Hip to process.

This was primarily designed to allow the GBPVR ChannelChanger plug-in to generate events that can be processed by Hip.

SYNTAX: HipSend COMMAND [nDelay] [nSize] [nExt]
where COMMAND is the ASCII to Send
nDelay is the optional delay between each command in ms (500ms if not entered)
nSize is the size of the command (padding the value with 0 to the left)
nExt is the IR Code extension that is sent to Hip (1 if not entered)
The optional values are remembered for each subsequent call to the routine

eg: HipSend 10 600 3
will send HIP 3 commands (0,1,0) separated by a 600ms gap.

To teach the command to Hip (normally as a system-wide key) you must use the program to generate each single key you wish to process.

(7 Nov 2005)
Download File (47K)

1352 Downloads in 2012

HipWSend Utility (Windows version)

Windows Utility to Send HIP Commands

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HipWSend is a windows version of HipSend that has an easier interface for testing and configuration, and will operate transparently when command line options are used.

The syntax as use is the same as for HipSend (28 May 2010)
Download File (210K)

Build History
Build (20 Apr 2006) 216K
Build (6 Mar 2006) 210K

1394 Downloads in 2012

Alternate MCEIR.DLL

Alternate MCE Remote Control DLL


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The device enumerating code in the original MCEIR.DLL can cause conflicts with other USB devices with similar IDs and this version of the MCEIR.DLL file contains checks that ensure that it only connects with the correct device driver.

Users wanting to control the USB version of Nebula’s DigiTV with the MCE Remote control should use this build.

To install, simply unzip the downloaded file over the existing MCEIR.DLL file (installed in the Main Hip Folder).

Contributed by Richard Flay of HyperReality (28 May 2010)
Download File (36K)

Build History
Build (3 Feb 2006) 37K

1334 Downloads in 2012

Meedio with MCE Remote

Configuration file for using Meedio with the MCE remote

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You must have the MCE v2 remote installed as per the instructions in the section Tutorial - Setting up and Using the MCE Remote in the Hip Help file.

The key definitions are based on the installed key configuration

Requires HIP version or later

HIP Winter Holiday Skin

Fun Skin for the Hip Holiday Season

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Run the file to install a Rudolph-inspired holiday skin for HIP.

You can always go back to another Skin from the Hip Control tab of Preferences (Ctrl-P)

(28 May 2010)
Download File (144K)

Build History
Build (11 Jun 2005) 144K

1038 Downloads in 2012

HIP ATI Interface C Source (Freeware)

C Generic Interface Demo

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This zip file contains the C source demonstrating how to write a Generic Interface for HIP using the AMMO interface used by ATI.

Contributed by Bernard Sheppard

(30 Mar 2004)
Download File (44K)

1307 Downloads in 2012

HIP ATI Interface Delphi Source (Freeware)

Delphi Generic Interface Demo

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This zip file contains the Delphi source demonstrating how to write a Generic Interface for HIP using the AMMO interface used by ATI.

(14 Aug 2004)
Download File (12K)

1198 Downloads in 2012

HIP X10 RF PC Remote Girder GML File (Freeware)

Girder X10 GML File

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This file is a Girder GML file that uses the X10/ATI Girder plugin to send commands from Girder to HIP. You must have this plugin installed along with the SendMessage plugin, and HIP should be configured to use the GENERIC interface.

Contributed by Paul Ellery

(28 May 2010)
Download File (2K)

Build History
Build (20 Jun 2005) 2K

1080 Downloads in 2012